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We work with adults in the areas of speech clarity, stuttering, social skills, cognitive-communication, aphasia, language formulation, and swallowing.


Evaluations allow us the opportunity to develop a comprehensive picture of you or your loved one's skills and challenges. We use a combination of standardized assessment measures, observation, interviews with the client and family, and a review of medical history to guide our treatment planning. Following the evaluation, we will review the results and our recommendations and collaborate with the client and family to develop a plan of care that aligns with their values and goals.


Our team is dedicated to combining evidence-based approaches with functional and real-life activities. Functional therapy means we replicate common daily tasks and activities in our therapy sessions to support our clients in building skills that directly apply to their lives. 

We provide weekly therapy sessions in our clinic or at your home. Home practice and recommendations will be made to help our clients achieve results efficiently and effectively. 

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